About your Chiropractic Doctor Mark Luongo

Dr. Mark Luongo is passionate about serving, enriching, and empowering others to optimize their health and well-being. Throughout his life, he has been very active in sports and eager to learn how the body functions and how that relates to true health and healing. Dr. Mark knew that there was a better answer than covering up symptoms with drugs and surgery.  This inspired him to devote his life to a profession that recognizes the body as a self-healing organism and the brain as the precursor to one’s healing potential.

After graduating from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Mark worked with some of the top practitioners in Greenville, SC, Leesburg, VA, and Golden, CO. He now excited to be a part of the community in Durham. Dr. Mark’s goal is to grow a healthier, happier, more abundant community by educating the public that health starts from the inside-out; and he is dedicated to helping people get and stay well by recognizing the power that made the body heals the body.   It’s not the symptoms, but the balancing of systems, that provides us the answers to healing.

“To understand health is to understand the central role of the brain and nervous system in maintaining the resistance of the body. Health is the primary function of the brain.”

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