You Deserve Answers

You’ve tried different methods and still haven’t gotten lasting relief… you never seem to get anywhere.

We understand how frustrating this can be. Our Durham Chiropractor has a better way.

Our “3 Steps to Your Transformation” is a different set of rules that will take you from feeling frustrated and stuck to being back in control of your life.



01 Call today &
request a FREE
02 Meet with the doctor
to assess & establish
health goals
03 Receive customized
Health Action Plan
that fits you

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Learn more about your HEALTH ACTION PLAN and
how it can impact your LIFE

You ARE Somebody’s Hero!

Whether you know it or not, there are people who count on you and every HERO faces a Villain — “a cause of particular trouble or an evil”.

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heart WE WILL

Our PROMISE to you

  • Not only LISTEN but we will HEAR your frustrations regarding your health
  • Do everything we can to find the root of the problem
  • Communicate and educate you on the issues you are dealing with
  • Accept you as a patient only if we believe we can help you
  • Discuss every step of care, provided in a safe, peaceful and productive environment
  • Work with your budget to make sure getting the care you need is affordable
  • Do everything we can to restore your life to one of health and vibrancy
  • Help stop the medical world merry-go-round

tick WE WON’T

  • Proceed without acknowledging and addressing all of your concerns
  • Guide you in a direction that leads nowhere
  • Take your time or money if we believe we cannot help you
  • Bombard you with unnecessary “extras”
  • Prescribe more medication
  • Recommend care beyond what you need to restore, heal, and maintain
  • Offer treatment that we don’t believe in 100%

What’s Holding you back from REGAINING your LIFE…?


You’ve likely wasted time and money going from doctor to doctor,
test to test, or pill to pill, without a lasting difference.

How long will you allow pain to steal another productive day of your life?

At Carolina Head & Spine, We believe that “Health” care should be about resolving health problems.

This approach will help you find answers to your concerns and put back in the driver’s seat of your life.